Did you know that the turbocharger on your generator’s engine does a whole lot more than just allow the engine to develop more power?

Primary Role of a Turbocharger

Most “gear heads” know that main role of a turbocharger is to pump as much air (oxygen) as possible into the combustion chamber of your engine. The more oxygen there is in the combustion chamber, the more fuel will be combusted. When more fuel is combusted, the engine’s output is higher and this is really exciting for a “gear head”!

Secondary Role of a Turbocharger

However, what many people don’t realize is that the turbo also prevents up to 30% of the fuel from being blown out of the engine as exhaust. An engine that does not have a turbo typically does not have enough oxygen in the combustion chamber to ignite all the fuel. This results in up to 30% of the fuel not being combusted and it is blown out through the exhaust.

This 30% reduction in wasted fuel and increased engine power seems like a really good reason to use a turbo!

But Wait . . . There is More!

The third way your turbo contributes to effective engine performance is also very important. Many engines are equipped with pollution control devices like a DPF (diesel particulate filter). These devices create a back pressure on the combustion air flow through the engine. The way to counter this back pressure is to ensure that the engine is turbo charged. Depending on the engine and pollution control requirements, a more elaborate two stage turbo may be needed to provide enough air pressure (oxygen) to the combustion chamber.

Without the turbocharger, fuel will not be combusted properly and the waste fuel will blown through the exhaust and accumulate in the DPF. This waste fuel fouls the DPF and results in costly DPF regeneration.

Take Action

Now that you understand the importance of the turbo on your generator, when was the last time you had your generator inspected?

It is extremely important to regularly schedule maintenance for your generator using a qualified generator technician. These skilled techs will run your generator (and the turbocharger) through a number of tests and checklists to ensure that it is ready for the next time the power grid fails!

Give us a call and we would be happy to have our technicians assist you on any make or model of engine or generator!