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Our service department maintains and repairs all type of engines, diesel or natural gas. From well servicing, power generation and natural gas compression.

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From routine scheduled maintenance and repairs, to major equipment overhauls and refurbishments.

We service a wide variety of engines, from Scania, Siemens, CAT, Cummins, MTU, Mann, MWM, etc. Whether it’s diesel or natural gas driven, we have experienced technicians ready to tackle any problem. Our service also goes beyond just the engine, we service the peripheral equipment as well, including transmissions, pumps, generators, switchgear, compressors, etc.

Well Servicing

Our 70,000 square foot facility with 40T overhead crane capacity is perfect for overhauling engines, in particular in the well servicing industry.

The services we offer range from oil changes to break fix work, engines swings to major overhauls.  We have access to OEM CAT, Detroit, Cummins, and MTU parts, as well as cost effective aftermarket solutions.

We work with frac servicing companies by offering repair services on the chassis up.  Simply put, we can work on the rad, driveline, engine, transmission and power ends on these units and everything in between.  We’ve invested in a frac test stand where we can simulate real world conditions for our clients.  We have 50psi natural gas ran to our test stand for customer equipped with dual fuel.

Within our well servicing group, we can service fracturing equipment, drilling engines, nitrogen pumpers, blenders, twin pumpers, transmissions, engines, and power ends.  We can handle anything from basic service to major component rebuilds.  We have also partnered with American Power Group (APG) to support a growing demand for dual fuel systems on equipment.

Our work is backed by a one-year warranty.

Power Generation

At Collicutt, we have a team of dedicated field service technicians that work on both diesel and natural gas generators.  Our technicians are factory certified with the most up-to-date training available.  We offer preventative maintenance packages complying with CSA282.  We respond to emergency calls 24/7, 365 days per year.

Our services include:

  • Oil changes
  • Thermal imaging
  • Automatic transfer switch maintenance
  • Oil, coolant and fuel analysis
  • Fuel polishing
  • Load banking
  • Engine rebuilding and overhauls
  • Emission system maintenance and monitoring
  • Alternator repair and rewind
  • Remote monitoring

Our technicians are trained on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems.  We maintain many CHP systems that include the engine/generator as well as the exhaust and jacket water recovery systems.

Natural Gas Compression

Collicutt Energy is a solutions based company, with the GET’R DONE Gas Compression Industry Knowledge. Utilizing our engine expertise we gained over the last 30 years, Collicutt Energy has the capability to service, repair, overhaul, and provide preventative maintenance on all engine brands. Our fully trained and experienced Field Service Technicians, along with our customized tooling and parts availability, will keep our customer downtime to a minimum. We also have in-house engineering to support ever changing customer field operations. Collicutt Energy has extensive Gas Compression parts inventory covering many of the leading gas engine and compressor manufacturers, which include but not limited to, new and rebuilt exchange parts, exchange swing engines, along with used/takeoff engine and major compressor component parts. Collicutt Energy will source the globe to keep our customers equipment running.

Engine and Component Rebuilds

With over 30 years of engine expertise, Collicutt Energy will rebuild any engine. We operate a full service shop with lifting capabilities and dedicated resources to rebuild engines, compressors and generator packages to OEM specifications. Collicutt Energy has the ability to rebuild in both the field and our centrally located facility.

At Collicutt, we have an accessory shop team that specializes in component rebuilds, including cylinder heads, water pumps, and much, much more.  Our seat cutting machine is state of the art, achieving accuracy within 2/10ths of a thou.

Each engine build can be tailored to individual customer requirements and budget using our in-house service resources. Contact us at 403.309.9250 to determine your needs.

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