In today’s world of infinite features, gadgets, and widgets it can be difficult for a consumer to cut through the noise and truly differentiate products!

It seems that the more expensive the product, the tougher this differentiation becomes! As the initial purchase price climbs, the temptation for the purchaser is to make a selection based solely on the initial purchase price.

However, this is often a big mistake!

The Big Mistake!

Over the last few months, we have responded to several service calls from customers who purchased power generation systems that:

  1. Were not fit for purpose (e.g., incorrectly sized and/or not meeting local requirements)
  2. Have proven to be unreliable and expensive to maintain

In each case the customer purchased their system from a local supplier at a great price but did not understand the implications of their purchase. In one case a customer had purchased a name brand generator only to discover that it was a knockoff version!

How To Make Sense of it All

So, how can you cut through the confusion and make an informed decision?

There is no simple answer to this but here are some guidelines that Collicutt uses to guide our customers through the buying process:

  1. Track record and longevity of the provider – how long has your generator provider been in business and what is their track record
  2. Dedication of the provider to the power generation industry – often resellers of equipment will sell generators, forklifts, boats, transmissions, etc., all of which dilutes their expertise
  3. Ability of the provider to supply prompt and quality service for the products that they sell. This should include:
    • Factory trained technicians with fully equipped trucks
    • Well stocked parts warehouses and established supply chain
    • Strategic locations to allow for prompt service
  4. Installed base – does the provider have a substantial installed base of their product in your area
  5. In house power generation expertise. A generator provider should have experts on staff that can dig into the details of your requirements and ensure that they have considered all aspects of your generator including things like:
    • Acceptable sound levels
    • Allowable exhaust emission levels
    • Seismic, wind, fire ratings and other manufacturing and construction rating requirements
    • NEC, CSA, UL and other code requirements
    • Engine performance derating due to altitude or temperature
    • Comprehensive electrical load study to determine accurate requirements complete with single line diagram review and/or development
    • Breaker and ATS design and placement
    • Fuel supply and required availability
    • Design and accessibility for ongoing maintenance
    • Lifecycle cost
    • Remote monitoring connectivity capability
    • Warranty

Take Action

In summary, the lowest purchase price is rarely the best solution!

When you are planning to purchase a generator, it is best to engage an established and respected organization that represents a recognized generator manufacturer. This organization will step you through the buying process and ensure that you purchase a generator that is fit for purpose and optimally priced.

If you are planning to purchase a generator, take action today and give us a call! Our experts will ensure you understand all the details and purchase a generator that meets all your needs!

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