Most of us are aware that commodity pricing and supply chain issues have been very problematic for the last 8 to 12 months. There are many reasons for this, some of which can be blamed on the pandemic and the associated factory slowdowns and outages.

From what we have seen, steel prices are surging because of high market demand globally. According to data from the Census Bureau, unfilled orders for steel in the last quarter were at the highest level in five years while inventories were near a 3-1/2-year low. This is driving up product cost at the factory and with the majority of our suppliers.

Specialty components like microchips are in high demand and cannot be produced fast enough to meet this demand. This is causing delays in many suppliers lead times locally and internationally.

Regardless of the underlying supply chain issues, these disruptions are affecting everything from common electronics to vehicles to generator and enclosure manufacturing.

What We Are Doing

Collicutt has been experiencing these challenges but we have a solid group of suppliers that are working with us to minimize cost increases and to reduce schedule delays as much as possible.

We will continue to keep you informed and do everything in our power to maintain and expedite schedules and optimize product pricing.

Also note that Collicutt maintains a large inventory of parts and generators that are available for immediate shipment. You can view our inventory on our website at

What You Can Do

If you are planning on a project in the near future it is best to engage our team as soon as possible so we can get your order on the factory and lock in pricing and delivery times.

Please feel free to call us or email us for further information.


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