Western Canada is home to one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves:

In recent years, depressed commodity prices and ever increasing utility costs have eaten into producers’ bottom line. With costs exceeding selling prices, many of these operators have been forced to shut-in production or pursue alternative revenue generating strategies with their assets: Gas to Power.

Localized Power Generation
Bringing down the cost of utilities.

The actual cost of energy makes up a very small portion of producer’s monthly utility bill. With transmission and distribution rates forecasted to continuously rise and natural gas prices forecasted to remain suppressed indefinitely creates a unique opportunity for on-site or localized power generation.

This creates a long term, sustainable case for localized power generation.

Collicutt Energy is the exclusive distributor of Siemens generation systems
Collicutt Energy Services is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Siemens containerized systems in Western Canada. Siemens containerized systems range in size from: 240kW to 2MW
per container.

“Our monthly utility bill became out-of-control and we needed to take control. It is our aim to cut the power line and go
grid-independent at all of our facilities” — Industry Professional

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