Greenhouses and grow rooms play a critical role in a growers ability to complete year-round growing and control the quality of product produced. This is achieved by creating and maintaining ideal climate conditions:

CHP Synergies
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems uniquely support growers in reducing the total utility bill and greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced, creating a more economic and sustainable operation.

What is Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology starts with installing a generator at the facility and, Instead of taking all it’s power from the grid, the facility generates it’s own electricity. This process generates significant amount of heat which is captured and used within the facility to offset the work of the facility’s boiler.

How do I determine if my facility is CHP applicable?

“Does my facility consistently using over 200kW of electricity?”
“Does my facility have a consistent need for heat and/or chilling throughout the year?”

If the answers are yes then there is definitely potential for CHP to support your facility’s operation.

Collicutt Energy can support your economic and feasibility evaluation: For more information: info@collicutt.com

My facility is already built, Can I still implement CHP?

It is very common that a CHP system is retrofitted into existing facilities.  Collicutt Energy’s in-house engineering team can help you determine the most practical installation.  Additionally, Collicutt Energy can design and build a CHP system that fits and works for your building.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of power and heat from a single fuel source, allowing system efficiencies of up to 93%.

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