Energy Efficiency

In many jurisdictions, power is predominantly generated using thermal power generation systems powered by coal, oil, and natural gas.

These large centralized power generation plants have no use for the waste heat being produced and as a result as much is 60% of the energy is lost at the point of generation.

In addition, transmitting that power from the generation facility to the end point, your facility or building, can result in an additional 8 to 10% loss in efficiency.

As a result, the centralized generation model is incredibly inefficient resulting in:

  • Expensive energy costs
  • High CO2 output per unit of energy generated

Are there ways we can generate power more efficiently?

Collicutt has been working with its clients all across North America to realize dramatically increased energy efficiency using a technology called Combined Heat and Power

What is Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power, also known as Cogeneration, is the simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal energy using a single fuel source. 

By generating power at the facility, the heat that would have been otherwise wasted, can be utilized within the facility, offsetting the fuel that would have been used by the facility to generate heat.